Turn your passion into paychecks

Turn your passion into paychecks and start Creating Wealth
   It is a mutual dream, among several hopeful entrepreneurs to make money from doing what they love. Probably, that is the fundamental reason behind the thousands of new blogs created almost every single day. The freedom to live based on your schedule and earn thousands of dollars from what you love doing is something that attracts most of us. How many times have you come across these simple money making promises? Several times, right? Why do even smart individuals get deceived by these promises? Simple, a general inclusive concept of turning passion into something economically feasible is a mouth-watering offer. Be honest, how many books and programs have you bought over the years covering this topic? If your library is filled with these books and you are yet to reach your goals, do not feel bad neither should you give up.
Secure a personal, professional and business guidance
A personal, professional or business coach will help you access every aspect of your life and business such as goals, mission, strength, weaknesses, dreams and desires. Only a few percentages will assist you to discover your passion and turn them into a paycheck and possibly a long term business that will serve as a replacement to your current income. Seek those professionals that won’t just help you to discover what’s important for your life, but also help you find your passion and eliminate those things in you that have been stopping you from achieving your desired dreams. Therefore, unlike the varieties of available marketing gimmicks nowadays, a life coach can work personally with you to help you plan how you can easily turn your passion into paychecks. 
So what is wrong with this promising venture? 
With all these recommendations being digested by a higher percentage of eager folks, why is this not yet working as expected? If in reality, no one was able to turn his or her passion into paychecks, then we may as well think the worst.  However, more than a little percentage has. Certainly, we know it is entirely possible. So, what then must be the reason for this lack of success of unfulfilled dreams? 
Information overload leads to lack of action
When you combine a burning desire with a lack of specific, clear information and lots of alternatives, people become stuck from the overload. Trying to be and do everything in your mind is a simple guarantee that nothing will get done. In short, information overload, lack of clarity and precise direction leaves us in a state of wonderment without focus, clarity, and action to achieve.  Successful people follow a strategic plan that keeps their mind exactly where it should be while they explore the required resources to improve upon their goals and stay in action.
From a logical point of view, any approach which can truly show you how to utilize your passion, need to be easy to apply, totally focused and guaranteed of working so far you act upon them. But this is where people get stuck: inaction. They choose feelings or convenience over their commitment to achieving. 
Successful people all have coaches and mentors, even those who have accomplished a certain level. Personal guidance from life coaches can help you make this process easier to achieve so you stay in action around what you want to achieve.



  Being a business leader, such as Alpa Pandya from Mind Matrixx Coaching, is important for hiring the right employees with the ability and professionalism to accomplish business tasks properly. It is also the duty of leaders to make a close monitoring of their employees make them more efficient, and Bob Proctor live seminar is among our recommendations. As for the employees, it is necessary that they have a leader who is willing and ready to assist them to make the right decisions that increase their confidence level at work. 
Fortunately, all these can be achieved by opting for the service of the business executive coaching services. By opting for a trusted and reliable professional coaching service, companies will certainly attain better benefits that will match their specific needs. Below are some of the following tested and trusted reasons why your business needs the business executive coaching service.
Enhance leadership skills
   One of the basic benefits of opting for the business executive coaching services is that leaders can improve their abilities. As at now, managers and leaders are the ones who are making decisions and plans to stabilize their business and make it more profitable. But, to make the perfect decisions, individuals are required to have the right knowledge and skills. Of course, opting for this coaching service can enable them to attain all these which can go a long way into helping them achieve their business goals.
Boost professionalism
   The next reason why it is the best idea to hire an executive coaching service is that it can help your business boost its professionalism. Of course, creating a good relationship with your employees makes them happy and comfortable. Unfortunately, there are some situations when employees will fail to listen to you since they forget their importance in the business. So, by opting for this coaching service, you will be able to promote professionalism which can make your task more efficient and better. 

Improve problems solving skills
One great benefit of coaching services is that it enables leaders and even employees to improve their problem-solving skills. Sometimes, work issue can be dreadful especially if it is negatively affecting your performance. Luckily, coaching services enable employees to identify issues and immediately find a solution to it. Not to mention, employees can also reduce any form of risks at work which can certainly go a long way into helping them effectively accomplish their tasks.
Enhanced work performance
   Finally, business coaching also gives individuals the opportunity to enhance their work performance. Anxiety and stress are only some of the daily issues employees may face. With these issues, there will be some occasions when they won’t be able to finish their tasks on time. With the assistance of executive coaching experts, work can be more efficient and easier since they will be available to keep employees motivated.
With this lists of wonderful benefits, business owners are assured that they have the right employees who have the ability to assist them achieve their goals and increase their business reputation and profitability. 



   For some people, their hubby is traveling, and they will always do so at any slightest opportunity. Some people engage in traveling not because they choose to, but because their job requires it. There are also some who only love to travel on few occasion, and they will only do so once in a while mostly during vacations and holidays. The important question to ask is why do we need to travel? Why is it important for us to leave our comfort zones ones in a while? 
Most people do not understand the value of traveling, for some, traveling is just about fun, enjoyment, and entertainment. Though these reasons cannot and will never be under-estimated, there is still far beyond better reasons to travel, here are few of them:
   We have a great advice of how to accomplish that on Alpa’s website http://www.mindmatrixx.com When you journey through miles away from home, your body automatically gains a freedom of responsibilities and the mind for resting and relaxation. Both your body and mind enjoy these privileges. Knowing that you are in complete control of when you wake up takes away the mental stress from you. Relief from stress is one very important reason to embark on that journey.   The thought of you going for a vacation in the beautiful Florida beach, or the wonderful downtown cruise in Paris ignites the wonderful feeling of happiness and excitement that gives you a stress-free feeling. Sometimes traveling can be stressful especially if there are several activities involved, but the stress of traveling is quite different from that of home stress. Travel stress is a positive pressure with no form of anxiety or worry. Travel, being a perfect way to connect and explore nature, helps the body relax mentally and physically. Studies revealed that Nature has a special way of activating your right brain which is responsible for stress relief. 
  Travelling increases your chance of more walk, more movement, whether you are cruising through the streets or taking a visit to the beach, all these activities stretches and strengthens the bone.
Do you prefer to swim or lay on the beach? With this, you enjoy the high dosage of vitamin D coming directly from the sun. Of course, it is helpful for your bone and your positive emotion. Studies show that Outdoor activities linked to traveling help lower the chance of diabetic infection, improve weight loss as well as reduce body cholesterol’s level. In fact, some studies proved that travel improves better sleep.
  Sometimes we love to stay anonymous. Other times we want to be known. Travelling offers us the dual opportunities to experiences these. It enables us to meet new people and also learn new cultures. It broadens our knowledge of how people accomplish their goals and mission in a different way. 
  It is such a great feeling to travel with a friend, lover or companion. Sharing the same experience, idea and having a great time together strengthens the bond between partners. Research shows that over 93% of youth between the age ranges of 8-18 consider travel as “a quality time” spent with their families and loved ones. 



   This article is based on sales and connecting with your prospects, but let me begin with this short story about business growth and personal growth I had been feeling pretty good, not until suddenly when everything starts bothering me. My feet got sore; my shoulders ache, and my thumb hurts. None of this was strange to me since these were the things I had talked to my doctor about; what was strange was that all these issues had been a lot better until I found myself tossing and turning all night because I could not feel comfortable. I had to fix an appointment with my doctor. When he asked me how I was feeling, I told him how I had had enough. I got fed up with my shoulders and everything else causing me pain. He replied, “It’s just mold.” It’s like the flowers were starting to yield, there were several molds in the air, and I was quite conscious of it.  Getting rid of my issue with mold won’t totally fix my problems, but would only relieve the sudden increased tenderness and inflammation I was experiencing.
So how does this correlate with sales? Everything!
I bet you are simply great at what you do and sell solutions to every of your clients’ problems. Unfortunately, that is NOT what your clients are truly looking for. What they were looking for is a solution to their symptoms. What I was quite certain of is that when I went into my doctor’s office, I was not looking for a cure to mold (though it was a cause of my problem.

)  Why I went to visit him was for him to find a solution to my aching shoulders. I was fed up of being in pain and wanted to experience a sound sleep night – I wanted him to provide a solution to my symptoms.
If I had been searching online or flipping through a magazine for a cure, I would have passed by any advertisement or marketing about mold. I wouldn’t have considered or even known that there might be a connection. The fact is that your clients are experts in their problem- their symptoms. They are not experts in what causes their symptoms, though they often think they are.
It is important that, when talking to your prospects, make sure you meet them where exactly they are. Discuss with them what they think they are experiencing even when it is opposed to what you (due to your expertise) believed to be the underlying cause. Think about it, if they truly know the underlying cause of their problem, they probably would have got it fixed themselves.
Remember, they understand what’s bothering them, while you understand why it’s bothering them. You need to listen to them. Assist them to find solutions to their symptoms. 
Provide them with what they truly want and, once you can do that, you’ll have more time to help with the root problem and give them what exactly they need.



  Gone are those days when you had to work hard just to obey every instruction you got!! In this modern era, everything has drastically changed. Now, employers have a prior understanding of the expectations and requirements of their employees and work hard to live up to them as required by the Law of Attraction However, these five things have been proved to work wonders especially when it comes to keeping employees motivated to work toward their financial freedom
Appreciation is the Key!
  Appreciation is the ultimate thing that can lift anyone’s spirit. No matter the position one holds in an organization, appreciation has that power to do wonders. Be creative about this, find surprising ways to appreciate your employees and let them know that their hard work and efforts are being acknowledged and appreciated. It won’t just make them delighted but also gain their loyalty.
Feedback is Vital!
Who says feedback should always be negative? These days, employees are looking out for improvement and do not mind challenging their abilities. Some managers take it for granted to oppress their team-mates which result in their mind being filled with despair. Don’t get it all wrong; there is nothing bad about pointing out errors but the feedback needs to be shared in a way that employee would like to improve on it.
 Celebrate Every Success!
    Never forget to celebrate success even if it is big or small. It raises the confidence level of the members who participated in the project. Though you can be busy, the truth is no matter how busy you seem to be, always try set aside a few minutes to share the glory with your team. If your employees accomplished a project faster before your expected or simply try out something new and succeeded, they deserve an appreciation even if it’s just a pat on the back.

Always Encourage People!
   As a manager, part of your responsibility is to supervise everything. You may have great knowledge of performing smooth operations, but there would still be some areas to conquer. It is required of you to believe in the employees’ skills; you have hired them, and it will be good to give them a chance and encouragement to share their ideas too even if it’s a little. Each one of us has a unique and different quality that stands us out and helps us to contribute to the organization. So, utilize this uniqueness.
The reward is the Best Motivation!
 Doing all the above-mentioned things is Important but are as well worthless if they are not followed by rewards. Give your employee a good impression by letting them know that you also care about their growth and future. Monetary reward is the best motivating factor that ignites that passion for an employee to decide to stay longer with the organization. As for company policy, revise employee’s compensation and make them feel appreciated and valued. In conclusion, putting all these five things into action will go a long way into motivating your employees and overall improving your business. 



     Have you ever wanted to lose weight and stay healthy, but the drive to make a move is not simply coming? If this is what you are facing, all you need is motivation. Losing weight is not a tyke play. It involves a considerable measure of responsibility, determination, self-control, and persistence. To begin the weight loss journey, motivation is one necessary key required because it is the only thing that makes one stands strong when difficult times emerges. If lack of motivation is what is holding you down, don’t you stress, here are five great tips that will spur you to start your weight loss journey.
OPTIMISM AND POSITIVE THINKING with your success coach Alpa Pandya
Optimism controls the energy igniting the reasons for you to press on. There is always a pessimistic side in everyone. If you allow them to take charge by making you think that your weight loss endeavors will yield no result, your chances of success in your weight loss journey will be limited. Instead, utilize personal development and motivating words to inspire yourself, because the fact remains that “There are several people who were once in your shoes who later made it out, and this is an indication that you can as well.” 
One peculiar thing about humans is that it is regularly simpler in our struggle to accomplish something when we are certain to profit at the achievement of it. To achieve this, you need to begin by scribbling down things that you will profit when you lose weight. Will it improve your self-esteem, or give you that alluring body or significantly better health? The reason for doing this is to discover things that by just thinking of accomplishing them; you feel an inward happiness and drive towards beginning the weight loss journey. 
     Setting a reward is a very encouraging way to press on when trying to shed those pounds. No matter how small it seems to be, as long as it compensates your determination and effort you will certainly want to accomplish it. This is more of a psychological approach of manipulating your mind into acquiring your goal which is to lose weight.  
    Getting inspiration from people who has gone through this process and are currently in a perfect physical shape is another great way for motivation. Get closer to them and learn from their experience. Learn about how they were able to lose weight successfully and steps to take to overcome the health and physical challenges that came their way from weight loss. Of course, these categories of people are always more than ready to help because they truly know how it feels. 
     Being around people who share the same vision and mission with you will go a long way in keeping you to stay motivated.  Connect with weight challenged people who want to lose weight, visit a neighborhood friend or a friend at the gym who is also willing to lose weight to see you through the journey. Set out your diet plans together, make sure you all adhere to it and also exercise as regular as possible to prevent cases of anyone falling out.



Why compare yourself to others?
    It is a normal behavior for us to compare ourselves to others, but doing this in a negative way is something we should try and avoid. Comparing yourself to someone else in the same field of work with you with the intention of improving is one thing, but it becomes a bad idea when it starts making you doubt yourself and giving you a negative impression about yourself. For instance, Let us say you are an internet marketer, and you are comparing yourself with a very successful internet marketer. You won’t be any more successful when you compare yourself with that person. All you need to do is to focus on your success, not theirs.  If you put your mind on other people’s success, then your success and development will be automatically put on hold.  Aside this, the internet marketers you are comparing yourself with be busy acquiring more knowledge and experience regarding marketing than you which makes them achieves a higher level of success than you as well.
Self development
  If your confidence level is low or you have this negative thought about yourself, then you need to maintain your mindset more than you do. To keep off negative thoughts, you need to maintain a positive mindset and the best ways to do this is by daily reading of books and listening to audio recordings. Every marketer irrespective of the kind of success level they have achieved must ensure to maintain their mindset in this fashion. Set bigger goals, not too big of a goal but a goal that increases your focus and dedication. It doesn’t stop here take vital step and action to reach that goal with all your energy and focus. Never set a goal just because you feel it’s necessary for you too. Set a goal and give that goal all it takes to materialize. The best personal development that can help you achieve that and so much more is Thinking Into Results Treat yourself with it!
Get in touch with them
  If you see someone within your scope or niche that has achieved success, make sure to get in touch with them. Most times, such people are always willing to show you the strategies that helped them to become successful. Because a very vital key to success is to surround yourself with marketers who are already successful and having the kind of result that you want to have as well. But make sure you don’t for a moment compare yourself with those successful internet marketers so that you won’t end up in a negative state of mind. One fact about life is that there will always be someone who knows and understands more than you do about certain things in life, so one important key for you to have your breakthrough is to try and surround yourself with successful people who have an understanding of what works and what doesn’t work within that marketing niche. It might be hard for you to reach the level of success that those you are comparing yourself with are enjoying if you don’t work on your mindset and take the proper action. 



   Starting your own business can get you lots of headaches with the need to find office space, get permits, hire people, get some coaching and more. Apart from those, you also need to make a business plan. What direction do you want your business to go? How much would you like to make in the next five, ten, or so years? If you still can’t find the answers to these simple questions, just find yourself a mentor who can help you develop your potential. Attend some seminars, such as this one: http://bobproctorevent.com and get to know more like-minded people. Those are important questions to ask, but since you’re still in the early stage of your business, you need to seriously consider these five things!
What sector/niche are you going into?
   Let’s assume you want to be in the information technology sector. It’s a huge, demanding industry with several companies, both small and big, competing for their share of the market value. It’s even tougher for you as someone who is just jumping into the industry as well. So firstly, you need to find your niche. What kind of products or services do you want to specialize in? What do you want to offer that your competitors lack?  Don’t just follow the flow. Offer unique and valuable product/service to your potential customers. With this, your business will stand out among the rest!
 How much will you invest?
Of course, you need capital to transform your business ideas into a reality. Without the capital, your home business idea will only be just another big flop. One essential thing to know is how much capital your business needs start and maintain itself. Where will the money come from? 
You can use your savings. If not, you could get yourself a business partner and cooperate for investment. Or, you can get a loan from a bank or a well reputable finance group Also, crowd-funding is a great option just as many startup owners do these days. 
Who will manage the business?
The truth is that managing your business by yourself is not easy. It’s even a bit easier when your company is already growing. Nevertheless, you will need the assistance of well-trained people to run your business. Their skill and knowledge will be a great asset to your growing business, as it helps it to grow further.
When do you expect to make money?
Certainly, the reason for owning a business is to make money? With that in mind, it’s good to set a target date when you will recover your capital and earning profit. And for every goal, there should be an action plan. For instance, you want to recover capital after some months or one year of starting your business. What steps and actions will you take to achieve it?
 Do you have what it takes to build your own business?
Running your own business requires several sacrifices from you. And there are chances that your business idea won’t materialize. This is something you have to deal with. You can’t avoid obstacles along the way. But if you are truly convinced and confident that running a business is your true way to financial freedom, then go ahead and start your business for it may transform your life forever!



4 Habits to Develop NOW to Be Wildly Successful In Life

     business development

Sophia, a friend of mine, wrote me a question about my habits, daily routines and disciplines that I incurred which have resulted in my success in life. I really LOVED the question. And now, I feel I should share with you my top 4 Habits to develop to experience a successful life. Let’s get started.

Value the Health of Your Soul:   

     Ensure your Spiritual Development is your highest priority. Though all the key areas of life like personal development, family, Health, Career, Finance, spiritual and socials are important. I would suggest you attend to events such as Bob Proctor live seminar held in Belgrade.  But, I have this strong believe that the health of your soul (mind, emotions and will) determines every decision you make and the type of person you present to the world as. Here was my reply to Sophia about my specific daily routines: “I am a person of faith that strongly believes and value spiritual disciplines so my first daily practice is to spend time in time-tested wisdom and life-giving content. For me, my important source is the Bible. I also pray every day. So my spiritual health is my priority.”

     Become a DAILY Learner:

     Entrepreneurs are known for an insatiable appetite to learn. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be an entrepreneur to enjoy learning. Dedicating a MINIMUM of an hour a day to learn isn’t too much. To add more detail to my personal daily learning routine, I told Sophia, “I spend 2-3 hours a day on learning. I know that sounds more like a ton but its’ just possible. I bury myself up in audio books and podcasts which allow me to learn even while I cook, get ready in the morning, work out and drive or any other non-mindful task we do.” Show Up To Serve: Just as you’ve heard it before, “it’s’ more blessed to give than to get.” Now, you need to ensure that your reason for giving remains pure. Never give out with the intention of manipulating and holding it over someone’s head, or for someone to like you. Make sure you give out of a cheerful and joyful state of heart- only because you want to. I’m not just talking about financial giving. It goes round to all forms of generosity- a favor, referral, gift, giving an encouraging word, writing a testimonial, etc. are all other ways to give and serve.

     Watch the Company You Keep:

     Be very careful with who will be in your circle of influence. Jim Rohn once said, “We totally become the average of the six people we hang around most.” Of course, this is so true. Now, am not saying that you should cut everyone who is not encouraging or supportive out of your life. If you focus on your goals, actively and diligently pursue your dream, you will gain better friends and those who don’t want to be in alignment with you will certainly stay behind.

     Those are my top 4 life habits I highly recommend you to develop today, to make the most out of life.